Peloton issue 54


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ISSUE 53 (136 total pages)



  • Giro d'Italia images in SHUTTER
  • Clive Pursehouse's investigation of fine craft Italian beer
  • DIG goes all Italiano. We go to two amazing places that cater to cyclists: the Garda Bike Hotel and the Villa Vallerosa.
  • Of course there's plenty of products including Sidi's Ergo 4 Carbon Composite;
  • First Endurance's Ultragen
  • a set of Fulcrum wheels
  • and full lineup of tech in our monthly GOODS section.
  • Bikes include the WIlier GTR SL
  • Pinarello GAN RS
  • Open's U.P. Gravel Plus
  • and the DIVO ST. James Startt is back and sits down with Tiziano Zullo
  • Djamolidin Abdujaparov
  • Giorgio Andretta
  • and Jean-Christophe Peraud. Startt also gets Johan Museeuw to take us through his 1996 Paris-Roubaix Colnago bike. "Above LA" is back with part 3 of 4. Paul Maunder discusses how Italy is at the forefront of team sponsorship
  • Yuri Hauswald takes us through "The Cyclist's Menu;"
  • we discover the Tour of Ara
  • and take a tour of Sportful.
  • Finally we end with a gem from The Horton Collection and a medal from the 1937 edition of the London Six.

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